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Our story began long before the COVID-19 pandemic when two Greek entrepreneurs, Giannis Fasoulas & Giannis Lyrakis, submitted a license application to cultivate medicinal cannabis. They collaborated with specialists in agriculture and medicinal cannabis and eventually obtained a state-sponsored license. However, they soon realized that building such a company required more resources than they could muster alone. To address this challenge, they formed a small international investor community, which became the foundation of DEVAGRO.

As the team came together, they overcame cultural obstacles and developed a strong bond. Today, we are an international team of professionals and medicinal cannabis experts who support and encourage each other. Our unique blend of individual talents allows DEVAGRO to stand out in the global medicinal cannabis business.

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Completely sustainable and carbon-neutral

Supported by industry experts 

GMP-certified and


Completely irrigated by filtered rain and mountain spring water

Generating perpetual employment for the cretan citizens and promote education

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At DEVAGRO, sustainability is a top priority, and we have developed a comprehensive strategy to ensure that we minimize our environmental impact and promote social responsibility. Here are some key components of our sustainability strategy:

Carbon Neutrality

We strive to be a carbon-neutral company by investing in renewable energy sources, using energy-efficient technologies, and reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Water Conservation

We prioritize water conservation by using only filtered rain and mountain spring water for irrigation and implementing advanced irrigation systems that minimize water waste.

Waste Reduction

We minimize waste by implementing a comprehensive waste management program, composting organic waste, and using biodegradable packaging materials.

Production Innovation

We design and manufacture efficient cannabinoid-based medicine, relying on green chemistry principles, efficient technologies and compliant manufacturing practices.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to supporting the local communities where we operate by creating non-seasonal employment opportunities, promoting education and training programs, and investing in community development initiatives.

Sustainable Partnerships

We work with suppliers and partners who share our commitment to sustainability, and we prioritize suppliers who use sustainable practices and materials.

Overall, our sustainability strategy is centered around promoting environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and long-term sustainability. We believe that by prioritizing sustainability, we can create a better future for our planet and the communities we serve.

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The DEVAGRO production facility is situated in Crete, Greece, and covers a vast area of 13,000m². This area has not been used for agriculture in decades, providing exceptional properties free from any fertilizers or similar residues. It is located in the center of a mountain valley, ensuring that there are no unpleasant odors for the Cretan population. The newly constructed unit, built-in 2023, features the latest cultivation technology and adheres to the highest standards to ensure optimal growth for all types of cannabis strains. 


We draw water for our irrigation installations directly from the mountains that surround the plantation, ensuring that we use only the purest water sources. Moreover, our processes are powered entirely by solar energy, taking advantage of the more than 300 sunny days per year on Crete. These features allow us to cultivate high-quality medicinal cannabis while minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

We have built and equipped a state-of-the-art, GMP-compliant pharmaceutical facility. This way we transform cannabis biomass to cannabiod-based medicinal active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and products of various forms (flowers, tinctures, isolates, ...).

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